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"Diet for a better life" UNESCO

The Mediterranean diet is a product of history, geography and a wide network of human and cultural relations around the sea, exchanging goods, products, techniques and ideas. Over time has been refined, diversified and transmitted to succeeding generations.

Barcelos Rooster

The legend of the Barcelos Rooster narrates the miraculous intervention of a dead rooster in the proof of the innocence of a man wrongly accused. Is associated with the seventeenth cruise that is part of the collection of the Archaeological Museum, located in the Palace of the Counts of Barcelos.

Make the most of your vacations

Portugal is known to be a destination that fulfils the desires of any visitor, from the history buff to the one that just wants to lay on a beach while drinking a local beer. Portugal won’t disappoint you!. We would like to create a list of all the great activities to enjoy while staying in Portugal, but that would be a near impossible task to accomplish, as such, we will leave here a few suggestions of activities you can’t miss out.

Making sure you take your vacations back with you.